Through strong partnerships and deep experience the Sower Capital team in partnership with Access Commercial has the capability to identify, underwrite and execute investment grade development and redevelopment opportunities throughout a variety of markets in the US. Our focus is to create value through the development of projects that are marketable at a significant margin to the actual cost of development. These projects are generally focused on irreplaceable sites in prime trade areas in the markets we target and therefore offer long term intrinsic value to weather any market cycle.


The Sower Capital team in partnership with Access Commercial and other market partners is seeking commercial real estate opportunities that feature the ability to “Add-Value” through strategic repositioning, capital improvements, or lease negotiation. The targeted properties stretch a variety of real estate asset classes with a general focus on acquiring below an adjusted replacement cost and delivering long-lasting value in a finished project.

Who is “THE SOWER”

The Sower is an iconic figure. The Sower takes great care to sow his seed in the right soil and in the best conditions to ensure a successful crop. With great skill, care and passion, he cares for his crop and witnesses the growth of a bountiful fruit. He then takes care to harvest at the time that will produce the best yield. When the harvest is done, he performs his most important task…caring for the soil. The Sower knows that in order for the seeds he spreads to take hold and produce, he must provide rich soil for the seeds to draw their strength. The leadership team at SCM is excited to live our mission. To tend the opportunities that are in front of us, plant the right seeds at the right time, and nurture them until harvest. 

Jared Hollinger
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Information Officer
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